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We are Personal Trainers in Stockport who love fitness, healthy living and most importantly helping people to live fitter, fuller lives.


We understand that the daily grind of life can mean there is little time to spend on keeping yourself in shape, so we work hard to motivate, encourage and empower our clients to take control of their health and wellbeing. We encourage our clients to become part of our fitness community and gain support from other Peak Fitters working to improve their health and fitness.

What Makes Us Unique

Our approachable friendly manner, knowledge, honesty and our training methods set us apart from the other gyms and Personal Trainers. So, whether you are searching for advice on training, nutrition, or lifestyle or you just want to chat and relax then we are here to listen and help you.

Functional Fitness

PF training is like no other, forget those boring machines and hamster wheels you see in every gym around the country. We promote functional fitness and the PF approach includes the use of body weight exercises, free weights, Olympic bars, Kettlebells, tractor tyres, medicine balls and more to base our training around. This kind of equipment allows for hundreds of exercise variations and therefore keeps your training exciting and enjoyable. Best of all, it involves doing full range of movement, multi joint exercises which will get your body moving in to peak condition.

It’s For Everyone

We believe Peak Fitness is for everyone; young, old, fit or unfit, men and women, so don’t worry about joining in! Our experienced team will take care of you and help you reach new heights of fitness. Put your trust in us and you will feel fitter and full of life in no time.